Looking forwards and backwards

It’s great to feel things returning more and more to how they felt pre-pandemic at the choir. The Anchor building at Heart Of Newhaven (formerly Victoria Primary School) is treating us well and the choir is sounding of full voice. We were off for half term this week but will be back in the saddle next week from 7pm – 8:30pm. It’s fantastic to be welcoming more new members every week. There’s so much going on at Heart Of Newhaven including a mens music group at the same time as our session. Looking forward to seeing if some kind of collaboration will come about.

Nice to look back on our Shorelines recording project that happened a few years ago. Check out our recordings on band camp – https://newhavencommunitychoir.bandcamp.com/album/shorelines-project

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New Term, New Members!

We’re very much looking forward to being back in the Anchor Building at Heart Of Newhaven this week. And even more excited about the prospect of new members who may be interested in joining. If you’ve not been to the choir before then please pop down to the Anchor Building at the Heart Of Newhaven (old Victoria Primary School), 364 Annfield, EH6 4JA at 7pm on a Wednesday. There are no auditions, payment is by donation, we sing mostly traditional songs and are a very friendly and welcoming bunch.

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The Dudleys Street Party

We had a lovely time singing at the Dudleys street party on Sunday. Such a great turnout and fantastic to see great community events like this coming back again. Live music, food, drink and lovely people and the sun even came out!

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New Sound Files added

Hi – tune and harmony files have been added for Fisherman’s Wife.

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Added new lyrics

Hi All – I have added the following files to our Song Resource tab.

  • Shenandoah
  • Suo Gan – Phonetics
  • Tydi

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Zoom Session

Hi All,

hope you are all safe and looking after yourselves.

Zoom based sessions are underway on Wednesdays – please see choir emails for details on how to join.

I have added the words for the two songs we have done so far to our Song List.

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Choir rehearsals suspended until further notice

Hi All,

as per the email sent yesterday I am sorry to say that our choir rehearsals are suspended until further notice.

Please keep in touch via our Choir Group email if you can.

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Menu structure simplified

Hi All – I have simplified the menu items at the top of the page so hopefully getting access to the song resources is now simpler.

Also added a booklet at the top of the resource page for our March gig and added an audio file for Song of the Fishgutters recorded at one of our rehearsals a few weeks ago.

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Hi All,

set for 18-12-19 is now available in the song resources tab.

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Set for 7-12-19 available

Hi All,

song list tab now called Song Resources and at the top of the page I have added the set list for 7-12-19

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